Judson Eley

Judson Eley

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First Name * Judson
Last Name * Eley
Username * LinkFrost
Country * USA
Languages English



Availability: student


I am currently a student in Computer Animation. I have wanted to do this sort of thing ever since I can remember. I highly enjoy working with Maya and ZBrush, and love learning more about what they have to offer. It is truly a joy to see the characters that I have been creating on paper for so many years come to life. I have an immense passion for what I am doing now, and know that this is what my calling is. Someday I hope to get involved in video games, or be some sort of concept artist or animator. I have an intense drive to better my work, so I love feedback. I also love to see other people's work, so that I may either learn from them, or if need be give constructive criticism so that they may better their own. In my eyes there is no bad idea, and I love helping others refine their ideas just as much as I like suggestions on refining my own.